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    I like the idea of this too. About 4 weeks ago, I just started doing 100 ready up drills with my AR15 every day. Last weekend, I went out shooting jackrabbits. The shots were from 25 yds to 150 yds. Compared to my previous outings, I shot about 5-10 times better than before. The results were spectacular. In a 4 hour hunt, walking about 5 miles through the desert, I shot about 40 jackrabbits.

    I would love to hear what you come up with. I am a believer.

    P.S. I also train kata every day. It is the heart and soul of karate. I am expected to have done 5000 Kwanku before my Nidan test in 2019. I am at 3140.

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    There is a similarity between dry fire and basic, old kata like San Chin. I'm interested to see where you go with this.

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    I am looking forward to your take on this, I have a 16 step dry drills "Kata" that incorporates all manipulation and dry fire drills but (big BUT) with no movement.
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