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    >>...these stupid, sensitive snowflake shits called millennials are ruder, more disrespectful, self entitled, know-it-all-already, princesses.<<

    Thank you! I've always wanted a nice, concise description of most of my "problem students" - and this fits the bill.

    I teach Forensics in a Criminal Justice program, so I'm dealing with the next gen LEOs here. And while there is an obvious maturity and attitude distinction between the ex-mils and the remainder - even the .mils have their own set of issues in terms of "knowing it all" before they get to my class. But hey - at least I'm rarely getting the old standby - "My Gunny said that if you hit him in the hand with a .45, it'll knock him on his ass instantly!"

    geezer john

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    I was/am a great fighter, a good sergeant, and a terrible soldier all at the same time. Keep an eye out for the ones like me, they get stuff done.
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    "Punishment" should be force on force iterations; If they can't figure it out when they're told verbally, pain compliance can be very motivating. As a matter of fact, aside from yourself, you have Nichols, Doza, and myself that could be tossed into the force on force tank. If they don't learn anything after that, I imagine they'll be looking for a different career.

    As an aside, I remember watching a documentary, I believe on the PJ's, where they had to write letters to the family of the soldiers that were "killed" during training events. Seems to really drive the point home when they had to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    BTW Jonathan...I would have given an internal organ to work for a Sergeant like you instead of the entitled pussies that checkered my time downrange. My God...the things we could have accomplished.
    Real work, the kind needing to be done, isn't seen on shift summaries.

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    Three things struck me from your interaction with Deputy Snowflake, and none of the words I would have said would be kind.

    "That wouldn't happen in real life."

    Really Grasshopper? Sh*t that has happened to me in "real life;" "Unbreakable" .50 cal turret mount breaking in the middle of an ambush while conducting a downed VIP rescue, M-4 extractor breaking during an ambush, rear sight flying off my Beretta after hitting a rock diving for cover, tripped and fell during a night ambush and crushed my Aimpoint (had to remove it and go BUIS).

    "move out of the fight"

    To where? Your safe space? So your plan is to run away when your gun breaks, because you didn't bring more than one? What about your partner? What about the innocent people you are supposed to be protecting? Just gonna leave them?

    "take a support position."

    Taking a support position is what cheerleaders do. And his primary is inoperable, and he has no back up gun, so unless Deputy Snowflake has some poms poms in the trunk of his cruiser or is making a coffee run for your post gun fight toast, I am not certain exactly how he plans on "supporting" you, his partner, or the other officers involved in killing bad guys.

    I long time ago, my dad told me when I was joining the military that the people to listen to had stripes on their collars, many years of experience, not much hair and often were short on kind words and rarely had clean uniforms by the end of the day. I have found this to be the case not only in my military career, but in my law enforcement career as well. So Deputy Snowflake ought to listen to the Bald Sergeant with the dirty uniform.
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    Did one of them actually say that a broken firing pin wouldn't happen "in the real world"??? That's funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    Did one of them actually say that a broken firing pin wouldn't happen "in the real world"??? That's funny.
    "Doesnt happen in the real world??, can you show me where the reset button is on this Glock? its a little different than my sons XBOX controller."

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    "JohnathanNobody, Registered Asshole."


    I all seriousness, great article. Thanks for the lessons and the reminders.
    Armed Puritan

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    Did one of them actually say that a broken firing pin wouldn't happen "in the real world"??? That's funny.
    Hey, it's only happened to me three times, no four, no--aw, forget about it.

    Luckily, not while in the shit.
    Warrior for the working day.

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    For trusted brothers, "Asshole!" is a sincere term of endearment so, LEAD ON Asshole!

    And, lest I forget, you may be an asshole, but you're (one of) OUR assholes.
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