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    +1 Luepold. Personally, I use a 4x magnifier, it can attach to a rifle and the field of view is great. I index with a thumb to cheek FYI.

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    With optics, you truly get what you pay for. There also seems to be tiers in pricing. Got a $800 scope budget? Nope, your gonna spend less than $500, or more than $1,000. (Just an example.). I am totally aligned that Swar/Lieca are tier 1. But, I can't make that swing on my budget. That said, once I started using Luepold VX111, or gold rings, I never went less than that. (I do have one Nightforce scope). The clarity for the money was "just right" for me. I'll go tier 1 glass one day, I'm sure. :)

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    Steiners or higher end Leupolds. I use a pair of 10x50 Pinnacles and they are awesome! A little heavy but when I can't see the feeder because it is too dark I look through them and it is like someone turned on a light switch.

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    I like Steiner binoculars. There are better rigs for more money, and there are great optics that are newer than what I have, but I'm pleased with the auto focus Steiner military style binoculars that I have. Small and light enough that I don't mind carrying them and clear and powerful enough to be worth carrying. I've had them a few years so there may be better options available now, but there is much to be said for the time tested Steiner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJJ223 View Post
    I have Canon 10x42L IS stabilized binoculars. Once you use stabilized binoculars, you won't want any other type. They are beyond spectacular.
    Thank you! I have used the Pentax 10x42 for many years, and found them as good as binoculars twice the price. I bought my wife the 10x43 and these are slightly brighter. I was looking at the ED low dispersion model and wondering if it would make a significant difference when I read your post about the stabilized Canons. I have had them for a week and I believe stabilized binoculars will be as revolutionary as the red dot on Glocks. It is better than a tripod.

    Even though I live in an area with light and particulate pollution, the IS makes it easy to see 3 moons of Jupiter, and the moon is spectacular. I can pick up details on birds and insects that are much harder to see without the IS. Views of facial features, tattoos, and license plates are also very clear. The clarity and lack of chromatic aberration are excellent.

    The only downside is the weight, at 2lb 10 oz compared to the 1lb 11 oz of the Pentax, so I picked up one of those harnesses from Eagle optics. I look like a geek but it is very comfortable for hiking. I imagine a hunter would want the same setup.

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    Thanks. I was as astonished as you the first time I used my stabilized 10x42L Canon binoculars.

    Here is the difference in my mind, regular binoculars (handheld) allow you to see things. Stabilized binoculars allow you to study the intricate details of the things you see.

    Fantastic, remarkable, amazing, incredible ... none of these words adequately describe the difference compared to regular binoculars. I have Gen III PVS14s. I have 640x512 Thermal monoculars. The stabilized binoculars are more fun to use than both of them combined. They are that good.

    I am glad you like them. I carry mine in this chest harness when I quail hunt.
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