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    +1 Luepold. Personally, I use a 4x magnifier, it can attach to a rifle and the field of view is great. I index with a thumb to cheek FYI.

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    With optics, you truly get what you pay for. There also seems to be tiers in pricing. Got a $800 scope budget? Nope, your gonna spend less than $500, or more than $1,000. (Just an example.). I am totally aligned that Swar/Lieca are tier 1. But, I can't make that swing on my budget. That said, once I started using Luepold VX111, or gold rings, I never went less than that. (I do have one Nightforce scope). The clarity for the money was "just right" for me. I'll go tier 1 glass one day, I'm sure. :)

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