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    Quote Originally Posted by jwidaho View Post
    Cardboard + duct tape in the pocket and you can toss it and replace.- jw
    If you are really sincere on making your own disposable/field expedient sheath, I would strongly suggest that you simply buy a small sheet of Kydex and get out your heat gun or your toaster oven and fashion something that involves folding over and compression until it cools. this will be a better protector between your flesh and the pointy little point.

    There are thousands of sheets of Kydex available on eBay. Then, search "Folded Kydex sheath no rivet", and you should see many examples of a simple sheath that uses small tabs folded over in place of rivets that would suit your needs quite well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emtdaddy1980 View Post
    NO. .......just...NO a pinch I haven't hurt myself yet.- jw

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwidaho View Post
    Cardboard + duct tape in the pocket and you can toss it and replace.- jw
    This is actually what I did after I lifted a steak knife in MEX. carried it the whole time that way, appendix, and dumped it in the trash when I got to the airport to leave.

    ETA: in a first world country it would be stupid to do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger1 View Post
    That sheath is made by a company called Armatus Carry, if you search him on Google and then look at image search, you will see hundreds of examples of his sheaths and his really neat wallet. As I am writing this, I should take delivery tomorrow of a sheath for my ESEE 3 with the TKC handle scales.

    I have one of the first Ka Bar TDI knives, it rode behind my magazine pouches on my duty belt until I discovered the Gang Unit. I sent the Gang Unit down to Armatus and he made a perfect sheath, custom-designed to be zip tied to my duty belt.

    My TDI OEM sheath is quite loose and would be fine for pocket carry, but I do not think that the handle configuration is as good as the ESEE Izula II for pocket carry. I will likely sell this TDI, for I have no further use of it, the Gang Unit made it obsolete for me.
    Found him, thanks, his prices are totally fair too. I might still go that route, I actually really like the way the TDI carries opposite my glock next to my buckle because of the grip angle. Might keep it there and get the esee for my pocket as it is better steel anyway.

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    Haven't read all the posts. For quick, cheap fix, Kabar makes a skeletonized neck knife, 10 bucks at Cabela's. I hate neck knives! As an old paramedic/ER Trauma nurse, I don't want anything around my neck that isn't breakaway; never even carried a stethiscope that way. Gorilla-glued a spring clip to the sheath. Will try to post a pic later.
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