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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Or....or,you could buy a knife from the company that supports this forum...just sayin.

    Good idea, made me feel like a dick.....

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    Ed', your local laws make carrying a pocket sword of any length ok, while making any fixed blade a big no-no. You probably know this, but I thought I'd bring it up, anyway.

    That said, when the internal affairs becomes available, I'll have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Or....or,you could buy a knife from the company that supports this forum...just sayin.

    I'll take one of each...

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    I see the Narc is out of stock, is there an eta on stock returning, and does it come with a kydex sheath, one is not shown?

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    The ancient Romans used to say that what we would call 3'' was all that was necessary for a small knife. My EDC is an old 5'' Voyager or a titanium 4'' Ti-Lite. Just sayin'-jw

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    ESEE Izula II in a Armatus horizontal sheath. On a proper belt, it hangs down at appox 30 degrees or so, perfect for cross carry and with the thumb push, easily dropped in the pocket when no belt is available. I have a lot of hours on this little rig.

    As to supporting the company that supports the forum, I have a Gang Unit on my duty belt and I just received a Grab N Stab which may go on my duty belt if I can rearrange a few things. Great stuff, well thought out. The internal affairs is on my list...


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    Both of those look awesome Gabe. What's the time frame looking like?
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    In for time frame

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    Keating had this locked down a couple...going on 3..decades ago. The Drawpoint type sheath with a small fixed blade- the designs Gabe showed are just fine, though a guard would be useful too.
    People are just not paying that much attention when it comes down to it. Ive used this carry in some VERY paranoid places: CA, Boston, airports picking people up, larger hospitals, and in Germany. if there are detectors, that changes things but in my area most places do not have them...yet.
    Plus, the older I get the less fucks I give about arbitrary limits edicts from on high put on what is "allowed" for us little People.

    Fixed blades in general are stronger and faster on the draw that a folder, regardless of type. And they do it cheaper too. Folders come broken, and are getting to be real money. While I'm not a total cheap bastid, 200-400 for a folder that is weaker and slower than a straight knife that is $75-125 is stupid money.
    The G+S, M-10, or whatever will serve better, last longer, and NOT fold up on your fingers when you hit a bone, belt buckle, or a piece of heavy jewelry. Most good folders will not either, but there is no doubt with a fixed blade. How about double edges or sharpened clip points? most folders will not allow any real false edge sharpening beyond 1/4"
    or so.

    The primary issue is that folders are more convenient than a fixed blade for most people. And most lack the discipline to carry a fixed blade daily. But Kydex kicked a big hole in that wall too.

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    I second the current CS Spike. The handle is a little too narrow for me but otherwise works well (I like the thinness, but if the handle was a bit deeper it'd fit my hand better - I have fairly big hands). For a 4 inch blade it's a surprisingly compact knife. with a surprisingly big blade. (And if I may state the obvious - a VAST improvement over the old version.)

    The CRKT minimalist is just too small for me, but the SPEW is a nice size. The CRKT Dragon is nice as well, but it just doesn't fit nicely with me, just a personal bias (yes, discrimination! You hear me leftists!). The other CS fixed blades (as much as I'd love to have 2 of each) just don't work for me EDC wise, they'd end up staying at home). Maybe the Counter-Tac's would be OK.

    I might try import a Gang Unit one of these days, it looks like it'd be as close to perfect for my needs as I'll find.

    I've been tempted many times to get a sheath made for a CS Recon 1 so I can carry it locked open like a fixed blade. I love the lock strength, it's just that whole lateral strength thing.

    I agree, with folders convenience is a biggie (convenience in size and convenience of concealment - just stick it in your pocket). That and most people feelz like they're doing something by just carrying a folder, but without turning into one of "those paranoid Rambo types" who carry a fixed blade. I like folders, they're great at what they do, but they're not a fixed blade. Fortunately the people here who are limited to folders actually train with them (i.e. the folder adds to their safety plans, not their emotional safety plans).

    And yes, kydex changed the game. Leather may look great, but there's a limit to how much sweat it can handle unless you're willing to spend every day rubbing it down with an oil. Plus those cheap nylon material type sheaths (I was extra cheap when I was a student OK) just plain suck. Molded plastics rock.
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