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Thread: Chassis stocks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    I've wondered about the chassis systems, but usually with an eye to factors other than why they are usually selected. Solid bedding and accuracy are obviously key reasons to go with a chassis, but also important to me would be the ability to fold the stock (in order to have a smaller package to carry around) and use box magazines.
    This came in handy at the sniper class we both attended.

    Remember the last exercise of the day, hiking up the hill to take some long range shots. I carried my Recce, but I also had that bolt action in a back pack (I'm a glutton for punishment and wanted to try the concept). It was no fun at all hiking up the hill. But once in position, my recce had a malfunction that I wasn't able to address. The bolt action came out and I was able to keep making hits.

    I wouldn't recommend that set up for most things because along with other gear and water, it's just too much to carry. But it does work and it served a purpose for me on that day.
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    Yondering, thanks for the heads up on the Howa. The main reason that I was looking at the Howa was that I can get a barreled action from Brownells, which makes building directly into a chassis rifle make a lot of sense vs. having to muck about rebuilding a stock rifle.

    Brent, god DAMN that looks good. My initial plan was just to get a Tikka T3X lite compact and be done with it, with the threat of maybe tossing it into a chassis as money allowed. Seeing what you did with yours gave me a shiver of jealously, and now that I've been confronted with what that plan could look like, I think that I have a mind virus.

    I think I'll start another thread alongside this one, as my questions are not so directly related to chassis per se.
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    I have been looking at doing something to my Rem 7. This might be the ticket either a HS3 or LSS. I am leaning towards LSS for the biggest weight savings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    MDT and XLR both appear to use their own proprietary magazines. Perhaps they are interchangeable with AICS magazines but I have not been able to confirm that.

    What chassis systems will accept AR10/SR25 magazines? What chassis systems will accept Magpul's AICS magazines?
    I can confirm that XLR will take both AICS and Magpul magazines...

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