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Thread: Chassis stocks?

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    I have a Magpul stock... It's solid for the price point you pay. But if you want a real chassis I recommend XLR. I'm partial to the Element.

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    I got mine (MDT LSS) primarily for the benefit of the modular components and the upgrade in durability over the factory stock. I had a Savage FCP-SR kinda fall into my lap and after seeing what they were capable of accuracy wise with the chassis, it was a no brainer for me. I am on the tall side with long arms and big hands, so having a bolt gun that actually fits me with off the shelf parts that I can swap at home and at will has been fantastic. I am also able to use AICS mags instead of the $75 Savage version.
    Mine was actually bolt on. I am more than happy with the way it shoots, fits, and carries with no gunsmith involved.

    Another upside I have observed is that they tend to be easier to sell and fetch more of the original cost than a custom stock.

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    So...first off, I tend to agree with Shop Monkey and Yondering, this is good advice. Chasis guns are all the rage at the moment, with Ruger coming out with the RPR, which basically took something that savage has been doing for years (an accurate rifle a reasonable price point) and put it in a chasis. Then savage took one of their existing platforms and did the same thing in order to compete, to the horror of RPR fanboys on another forum I could mention. BTW these were the same guys that hated the FNAR when that came out, because it was a quality semi auto for just north of $1K that was legitimately accurate but not adequately tacticool. Granted, it's gas system was a bit picky and I finally got rid of mine because it is really not meant to be disassembled outside a shop. But I digress...Anyway, back on topic, it all depend on what you are trying to get out of it. Here are a few thing I have considered when making similar desicions:
    1. How much energy do I need to bring on target, how big is the target, and how far away is it? This is THE thing. If you are trying to hit a deer, or a person, inside of 300 yards, a factory remington/savage/ruger/winchester in .308 is great. Put the stuff that make life easy (sling swivels, your favorite optic, etc.) and rock on. If you are shooting F-class and want to win, you are almost talking about a benchrest gun because the x-ring is .5 MOA at 1000 yards, and ties are broken with X-counts. In that case you need a custom rifle. You want a sniper system you say? Short answer is that with a really good shooter, a high end rifle with well selected ammo and software/optics a 20" .308 is great out to 600, good to 800, and dangerous to 1200 or beyond. Not good enough? The 6.5s edge out .308 in drop and drift beyond 600 and with less recoil BUT you pay for it with energy on target and barrel life. The 6s like .243 are to 6.5s what 6.5s are to .308, with all the same penalties. The magnums (.300 WinMag/WSM, 7mm RM/SAUM/WSM) do everything better but you pay with recoil, barrel life, and ammo expense.
    2. What is your expectation for round count and barrel life with associated costs and logistical pain.
    3. Can you obtain ammo or reloading components? For instance, I had a brief theoretical love affair with 6.8 SPC until I realized that I couldn't obtain brass at a reasonable price. Same issues apply to stuff like 6.5 SAUM where brass has to be fire-formed to the chamber.
    4. What rate of fire do I want? If your requirements are high and you don't need a specialized cartridge, and you have funds, just go gas gun, that's what I'm doing at the moment. Assuming you still want a bolt gun for whatever reason, do you really need to feed out of a box magazine? For a sniper system, I think the answer is yes, after all, it's 2017. That means that you need:
    A. An out of the box gun the like the mossberg MVP, the RPR, or whatever Savage has. These are good, solid guns, and if you're accuracy requirements are around .75-1 MOA, they may be the right answer.
    B. Putting a factory barrelled action in a chasis. This is cool because there are may options at price points varying from around 350 up to 1200+, so you can pretty much pick what you want, and get exactly what you like. The bad news is that the result in terms of mechanical accuracy may or may not exceed a factory setup, because it all depends on the original quality of the factory stock, bedding, reciever, and barrel. On the other hand, if you want a really cool rifle stock that can be whatever you want it to be, an aftermarket chasis system is probably the way to go.
    C. Finally, there is the option of putting bottom metal on an existing or custom stock. This is a good deal if you already like the stock you have and just need magazine feeding. Typically, you are talking about around $500 by the time you've bought some magazines. Custom stocks like Manners etc., can be just as expensive as the most expensive Chasis systems.

    5. Finally, what you are trying to put on the rifle and what kind of ergos you shoot best can be considerations. For instance, I have gotten so I like pistol grips, and I need modern sling attachement points, but I don't need forward rails because i am not yet mounting night vision. I also like adjustable length of pull, but can negotiate on that if working with a flat top receiver or some scope mounts.

    Hope this helps clarify your thoughts.
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