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    Gabe hits it right on the $$ (as usual). I miss my marlin 38/357, even had the side saddle but someone offered way more than I paid for it. It was around the time that marlin was acquired by Remington ? The QC on mine was sufficient but not great either with a canted rear sight. It complimented my security six, but the capitalist in me decided to sell & living in Texas affords me the freedom to chose a more modern arsenal that is agreeable with a growing family. I do agree to dismiss the lever rifle is a mistake as it can be a formidable weapon in one's tool box

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    I have one. I call it the "Cali Gun".

    I still have financial interests in California. I get a visa and cross the border once or twice a year; the gun goes with me. I could put together a modern auto-loader that is Ca. compliant, but that would be ruining a perfectly good gun.

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