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    This was an awesome class. I had waited a long time for Gabe to hold a class nearer to my home base, it was well worth the wait (I knew it would be). The deluge on Friday really worked to our benefit as we got a 4 hour lecture on mindset and on how to articulate your actions after the fact. Hitting steel at 50 yds. is a hoot, standing, sitting (once I got deep enough into it), rolled prone is solid and 'infant' prone is like being locked in a vice. I appreciate the confirmation of my thinking that busting on someone's 11 or 1 o'clock is the right move. I appreciate learning how to move responding to a threat from either side or behind me, there's more than one way to bust off the X. Like I said, it was well worth the wait and even having the truck break down (many thanks to those who offered assistance). SlyTac is a superior facility and Sly was a great host. Thanks to Eric, John and Craig your coaching and encouragement. I'll do it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike O'Leary View Post
    My head was just spinning from all the pertinent info I received in three days of training.
    This is a key point about the class. Mike has taken well over a dozen Suarez International courses, and still learned a ton from this class. It is a great class to attend whether you're a new shooter or have taken every class we offer (which Mike has nearly done).

    Also, one thing I forgot to mention in my AAR was that Craig and John are exceptional instructors, and I highly recommend training with them.
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    I put together an after action that is linked below, Moderators, I make no money at this blog, it's strictly for self expression. If you disagree, feel free to block it.

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