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    Default Best Night Vision Rifle Scope

    Hello, everyone. I want to know if anyone has any idea on the best night vision rifle scopes? I am a newbie when it comes to shooting at night or if i may say - using a night vision rifle scope. someone gave me the some information based on the link I attached here. But i need more information. Help a Newbie Folks!

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    Price I said going to be your limiting factor, (you can spend 10k on NV if you want the best).

    What do want to spend, use it for, etc.? There are many options out there but the vid you posted is (xsightII) is very much an entry level scope.
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    Mount a PVS-14 with an Aimpoint 3x magnifier if you have to have a "scope" and it'll do most of what you need at night. ATN is one of the low end of NV systems.

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    You need to come to terms with spending 2x-5x more for optics than many of the guns they will be used on. If you are stationary hunting a PVS-14 on a rifle with another optic is good.--IT MUST BE NV RATED !! If you have to move around and need to use the rifle mounted unit as your eyes you will be sweeping everyone and everything in your path. Even a nighttime "nature call" can become a challenge if your eyes are on the rifle. A helmet or even a webgear headmount PVS-14 with an Aimpoint on the rifle and the NV on your head is more practical.

    I have a couple of cheap NVs that I can use to shoot vermin in the chicken yard from the house shots 75-125 yards. I am in the house or on the deck where I can see well enough to move around. Most any varmint I get a sight on is fairgame if after chickens.

    The PVS on a helmet mount with a laser on the rifle combo is good enough for rats with about a 50% hit rates on the little rodents. Possum and coon are near 100% hits. A cheap NV scope on a .22 yields similar varmint hits, but I would not want to go afield with one and that is especially true if you may use this for self defense.

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