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    Default Anyone deal with Trijicon Customer Service?

    While back I ran an ad to swap/trade my RMR01 for a dual illumination model as I wanted to try it due to my astigmatism. Ended up trading it on ARF for an RMR07 6.5 Adjustable model...he wanted the smaller dot and I wanted either the dual illumination or an adjustable dot. Everything went well with the trade. He was long time member with perfect EE score.

    Got the RMR, installed with new battery, screws and sealing plate. Unit powered up fine. Waited a couple of days to get my SI G19 Threaded Match Barrel. Off to the range to zero...ummm not so much zeroing...

    With the zero'd RMR01, a V319 slide, Storm Lake threaded barrel running the SI Gen 1 Tactical trigger I could pop nickel sized dots at 10 yards 12-13-14, sometimes a straight run of 15 in a row with Winchester 115 9mm +P and 100% heads at 25yds mag after mag

    With the new SI barrel and the sized groups at 10yds with a wondering zero. Elevation screw does not input POI, windage wanders as well. No two rounds will hit anywhere at anytime. Zeroing off a sandbag and a set of dog ears for a dead solid perfect shot placement yeilds mediocre results at best.

    I am not the original owner. Contacted Trijicon to get a return repair authorization ticket late this past week. Any people have experience with Trijicon CS? I have always heard they have had an awesome CS and warranty policy but after reading their warranty page it says only for original owner for 5 years from purchase. Am I about to get loved tenderly?

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    Trijicon's service was excellent when I had to send one back for the dot constantly going out. Since I have several RMR's I just put down I did not remember when I got the one I sent back. The lens had a small scratch, that did not bother at all but they replaced it, without being asked to. I am sure they will take care of yours.

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    Never had a problem the few times I've used them, they could be quicker, but...

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    Dealt with them a number of times for flickering RMRs . Never a problem . No questions asked.

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    I have an RM06 which had a problem with wandering zero from the time that I got it. The adjustment screws felt like there were no detentes. I solved the problem by putting narrow strips of Gorilla tape across the screw heads.

    I shot it that way for about five years, until last year when it developed a flickering dot in bright sunlight. I sent it back to Trijicon for the flickering dot with a note about the wandering zero problem. It came back about two weeks later with both issues fixed, no charge.

    I was very happy with Trijicon's customer service.
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    Worked with Saera Brown. No problems...and they even sent an RM06 (at my humble request) in place of the RM02 whose glass just fell out one day...

    How good? I remembered her name!
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    I just got an RMR back a couple weeks ago that I had sent in for repairs, and they never asked for a receipt or proof that I was the original owner. It did take about 5 weeks to get back (they ended up sending me a new one), but there were no hassles.
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    Used them once for a scope fast excellent service.

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    Two of my four RMRs were crap. Trijicon admitted they could not do anything for them. Even said that I was 'lucky' to have a good one.

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    Contacted them a few yrs back about my tripower, I've had 10+ yrs. They sent me an authorization #. In the letter I said what was wrong, asked how much it would be. 1-2wks later it was back. Had a letter explaining what they did, pretty much rebuilt it, for free.

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