Ordered and received a Suarez Tactical Firing Pin, got it last week. Did a bunch of dry-fire with it in my Glock 23 Gen 4 (RMR, S.I. Tactical F/S trigger, and S.I. Firing pin safety), and there was a subte improvement in feel of the trigger/striker release, that I can best describe as a "crispness" that the Gen 4 does not usually have. Definitely less of a mushy feeling as the tab on the cruciform slips off the tail of the striker just before the actual break.

Last weekend, I put the firing pin in a buddy's old Glock 17. All stock still with the Glock factory sights, and well-shot so the trigger was pretty good to begin with. Had a chance to shoot the 17 before, after, and before "again", and there was the same "crispness" and feeling that the trigger broke a bit "sharper" with the S.I firing pin. Only shot 35 rounds in this well worn (and very dirty) 17, and it ran perfectly.

Today, I was able to get some real range time with the S.I. Firing pin in the above described Glock 23 Gen 4. Put about 450 rounds through the gun; two-handed, one-handed, unsupported off hand, on the move, etc. Gun with firing pin ran perfectly. Best the trigger has ever felt. The Gen 4 "bit o mush" just before the break was pretty much gone. Anything the dot was on got hit. Set up some B-27 silhouette targets where they were a bit more than half covered to sim a bad guy using some cover/concealment. Was making solid, consistent hits on the half heads at 25 yards without issue. Controlled pairs and triplets on steel poppers at 30 yards was a non-issue. A retired Army S.F. 18 Bravo was shooting with us. He was not a Glock fan, but was really surprised by the Glock with the S.I. Components. Said it was the best "trigger feeling" striker-fired pistol he had fired.

So probably about 500 rounds on the S.I. Firing pin in two different guns/calibers, with a mix of various manufacturer's ammo. (CCI, Magtech, Fiocchi, and some Winchester white box.) 100% reliable. Gun is silly accurate. Trigger feel is amazing. A previous review, (from an S.I. Instructor if I recall correctly), described a noticeable difference in the lock-time of the gun he was shooting. I'm not sure if I was consciously discerning a timing difference, but the feel of crispness/sharpness I'm trying to describe is likely a more verbose way to describe just that.

When I cleaned the gun, I took a good look at the firing pin. Looked unused.

Damn good stuff. Thank you.