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    Did he pull the prongs out WHILE he was on the "ride" of the actual juice? Were the prongs well attached? I was led to believe conscious muscular action wasn't possible with a good hit while the juice was flowing (another plus for the civilian 30 second ride VS the police 5 second burst).
    Eddel I have seen 1-2 folks not affected. 1 was due to loose clothing so only 1 prong stuck. The other just never got locked up. That was while working corrections and seeing ~100 or so tasings. I think the unaffected guy just did receive s good cartridge, but it can happen.

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    Yeah in my situation it was a crazy homeless guy, wearing about 3 layers of clothes....

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    If you want a big one.... they make a civilian version of the X2 as well called the X2 Defender.

    The X2 is a good piece of kit (I have one) as it offers an immediate drive stun/warning arc without the need to remove cartridges and with that being plural you do have a pair of cartridges in the unit so there is a follow-up shot if you don't get a good probe connection (say one misses or the two probes impact too close to get good NMI effect), miss completely, or need to drop someone's home boy as well.
    Downside... It's neither cheap or small. I paid 1400 bucks for mine and got the unit, 4 cartridges, the battery, and a Blackhawk! Serpa holster for it (which went immediately into File 13). I bought a Safariland 6520 for it (SLS hood duty type holster) but outside of exposed on a duty belt or in a bag, I don't think there's any way to carry it as it is very thick where the cartridges load.

    I saw the Pulse on my last delivery run for a LGS and it is quite small... A bit bigger than a G26 but smaller than a G19.
    The C2/Bolt is a good piece of kit. I bought one for the last girl I dated before started dating the one who's now my wife.... made her use it on me so she could see how it works. That 30 second ride ain't no joke! I can attest that if you get a good probe connection with a C2/Bolt.... it WILL do what an ECD is meant to do.

    The X2 isn't listed on TASER/AXON's website but look for the X2 Defender... DefenseProducts101 (dot) com, which is where I bought my X2 Defender from, has them and the older X26C unit as well. Of course they carry the C2/Bolt and the Pulse plus spare cartridges and batteries for all of the above.

    I actually want a Pulse or Bolt myself but can't make up my mind which one as both have their own merits.

    ETA: OfficerStore (dot) com sells a knock off they call a "Phazzer" but I'm not sure how it works. Upside.... they sell cartridges for it which work with an X26 or X26C as well and they will sell you some with longer wires or that launch something like a pepper ball or just a solid rubber ball as well... but you'd have to get the X26C or their product to use them. X2D also uses 15' wires as well. Truth be told, the shorter wires aren't that much of a hindrance just because the low velocity of the probes makes probe spread a real problem especially further away.
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    Well Im committed now. I saw a good deal on the ,either holster I wanted and jumped on it. This may be the first time I ever bought a a "gun" because I liked the holster. Im going with the BOLT because it doesnt look like a weapon--even less so in the holster. Once it arrives Im hitting the sports and embroidery shops to see about having it marked EDELWEISS MEDICAL.

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