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    Personally I'm not planning on carrying this through TSA. Perhaps in a carry on, but definitely not on me.

    This was designed as an EDC item, something so convenient to carry that you have no excuse to leave it home. Something to give you an edge:
    *Proactively - when a gun/knife openly in hand is inappropriate...but a Heretic in hand is easily justified
    *Reactively - when the fight is already started and you need to draw fast...perhaps on the ground when you are fighting to keep your gun

    This is certainly a dual-use, NPE item. But there are levels of NPE, and this wasn't designed for going past airport or court room security.
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    Roger that, will still probably grab one at some point, but will keep it local.

    FYI, got randomly pulled to have cell phone screened for explosives departing PHL Thursday. Something is up.

    Stay frosty.

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    Hey Gabe, any thoughts on the possibility of adding the "Yamamoto Hook" feature as a custom option when ordering?

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    Well Done!!! Loved it.
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