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    My Brown Bear 125 SP has been doing this for SP seems more reliable feeding than HP. The only stoppages I saw w/ AKs were 2 JHPs hung up on the feed ramp of an SAR. I Jettisoned the JHPs.

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    Just curious, I have about 500 rounds of the russian loaded 154 grain soft points. The jacket is open at the base and also the nose of the bullet which concerns me. Still it looks like it ought deform on going through a human body. Not sure how it would do on a windshield. I have seen photo autopsies of pigs shot with generic cheap Russian fmj 124 grain. At close range the steel FMJ lead deformed a bit and seemed to tumble causing a lot of damage to feral pigs on angled quartering type of shots. Not sure how it would do on people. but the fact is full caliber military rounds like 30-06, 8mm mauser, and even assault intermediate rounds like the 7.62x39 and the 8mm x33 kurz did not have a lot of complaints of poor 'stopping' power.
    For the AK the optimal rounds seem to be corbon loads which used the all copper barnes bullets. Do well on vehicle sheet metal and on human bodies.
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    I emailed TulaUsa for info re 8M3 vs glass and they have no idea. To their credit they had an answer in five minutes. I followed up with Tula in Russia but have yet to hear back. Will advise when/if I do.

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