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    Default Anti Walk Pins

    So since my little camping getaway in PA a few weeks ago, I have caught up a bit on the work front and now can gather my thoughts on a specific gear issue.

    Please brothers, this isn't ARFCOM and although I do pimp my guns a bit, it's all for functionality for the most part.

    I have found, even with blue loctite, my Timney trigger walks loose and standard pins, which rely on the hammer spring ends to capture the grooves, the drop ins rely on friction from the Allen set screws. I found a serious failure in my gun that weekend as I lost one of my pins and rendered my rifle useless.

    So here I am, missing literally a $5 part and completely incapacitated from a long gun standpoint. Luckily, I procured a length of aluminum wire which I wedged in the gun and my buddies and I continued our Tom foolery in the woods with guns.

    So I just purchased a set of CMC Antiwalk pins for all my guns. I didn't opt for those anti rotation designs because I have timneys on all my guns now. Anyone else have issues like this?

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    All of my serious rifles have KNS Anti-Walk pins. One less thing to worry about.

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    30 years of AR use and haven't had a walking pin yet.
    Not running a target trigger either.
    Got customers who swear by em though.
    Cheap swap, might as well do it.

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    I have not had a pin walk but i dont have any fancy triggers and my work guns were factory colt. But it doesnt hurt anything to have them so why not?

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    I used them on a polymer lower that had issues... Tennessee Arms. When I sent the three lowers back for a refund, I just transferred the pins over to my Spikes lower that took its place (.45 D/I).

    I did do a set for my FDE upper to try and mask as much black/nickel as I could... but also because the ALG ACT trigger did allow some slop in the pins.

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    Wasn't thinking they were a necessity.

    Then, at the range with Dorkface two days ago, I was testing out the new trigger I had installed the day before. During reset on a shot (a mag or two into testing), had a second unexpected shot fire. And then the results got... more interesting.

    Unloaded, started assessing, and noticed the hammer pin had partially walked out. Apparently the pin they sent with the assembly was a bit small. Kept shooting, trying to replicate the issue while keeping a sharp eye on the pin, and zero issues. Pin would still start walking a bit.

    Confident that the issue is the pin and not the trigger itself, I picked up some CMC pins locally and will be using them, or similar, on all further builds.
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    It was indeed interesting. Thats the first time i have ever seen that happen. I have only ever read about it online.
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