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    Hi Guys

    I would like to opinion of the tribe, especially instructors with an idea I have. I apologize beforehand for a lengthy post but I want to be as clear as possible.

    I have developed a four part Self Defence course focused on the use of the KNIVE. My challenge is that it would be difficult for me to travel to teach. Would it be a crazy idea to make a deal with a Combative organization that it`s instructors get to travel and teach the material getting most of the teaching fee paying me only a percentage?

    The reason that I just don`t sell the course outright is that I want to be part of an organization/tribe.

    So my plan would be to test once a year as an instructor, almost like a pilot who keeps his rating. Proving that my stuff still works. Not being able to prove it through teaching. Then instead of me teaching I need to contribute to the tribe by developing more courses/training ideas before I test again. Helping to make the organization grow and become stronger.

    The money goes back into the organization. Then once I have enough credit saved up it pays for courses I want to take and travel money for the instructor to teach to course at my home.

    This ticks a lot of boxes for me. It realizes a dream for me of becoming an Combatives instructor.

    Gives me a focus and reason to train-As a wheelchair Martial Artist your focus cannot be on competing/having perfect technique. The focus should be on Self Defence where the only rule is that what you do should work and you are not worried about trying to do things a 100% correctly.

    I am part of a tribe able to create training opportunities for myself. Because the only training currently available to me are rolling with the Gracies.

    "Krav"-In which I will only be able to train half of the class. Not able to do the conditioning part of the class. The very reason I left my Dojo. Watching the rest of the class train.

    And the third option is the style I trained in.

    It solves my traveling challenge. Instructor teaching me at home.


    How to I prevent somebody from sitting through my presentation, declining and then using the techniques that I shared with them.

    Or agreeing and then teaching without paying me my share.


    Can I use the information contained in a YOUTUBE video-A Double Stick drill for example to train the hips. The only information I could find on copyright is the use of the video (movies and music) itself or parts of it. Not any information on training videos and the use of information contained in them.

    If I do get permission to use the condense of the videos by the owner via e-mail will it be enough to print that out and use as evidence if he decides to come after me later.

    IF I go through with this idea I indent to get legal advice just to be sure. (As all the sites suggested)

    Thanks For Reading

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    With kindest regards, I don't understand your plan, but assume your mean knife training.

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    Thanks JonathanNobody For Reading the Post.

    Yes basically it is swapping my KNIVE knowledge for KNIVE training.

    My idea is as follows. Am Example: The Instructor holds a Wheelchair KNIVE Fighting Course twice using my material. Charging R500. If he has 10 participants with each course that gives him a total of R10000. He pays me 10% that leaves him with R9000.

    Later in the year he has a Bowie KNIVE Course I want to take. When he has free time he travels to my home teaching me the course. The R1000 he holds in credit covers the course fee and travel expenses.

    That solves two problems for me. Traveling to courses and finding a way that I can train.

    Another goal I have is becoming an COMBATIVES Instructor for the organization. Testing once a year to have the right to be called an instructor and proving that my stuff still works.

    To make up for the fact that I cannot travel and teach the organizations material, being an instructor that way I need to come up with new courses and better ways for wheelchair users to fight and train.

    I can even after I have taken one of the organizations courses, for example the Bowie KNIVE Course have suggestions on how to improve the course for non-wheelchair users.

    Having trained and helped to train only able bodied students as part of my training to become a Black Belt and later being able to break techniques down even further as part of my third Dan Grading which is an Instructors Grading.

    I also had to be able to explain how and why techniques work that I could not do to be able to Grade. This mend that I could help to correct friends mistakes and help to improve techniques without being able to do them myself having to study techniques closely.

    Apart from reaching my goal of becoming an COMBATIVES Instructor it also makes me part of a tribe. This is the one thing I miss the most training by myself.

    Thanks Again for Reading


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    Supply and demand. How many wheelchair bound people would pay for knife training? Not enough to get rich on. Who are the "knife traing guys" that are well known? Very few just feed their families on weekend knife classes. My suggestion is to contact someone like Paladin Press with hopes of a DVD deal. What of your material could someone from a Filipino knife background not have picked up on? Maybe try getting in touch with a knife instructor but most of those guys seem to do a whole lot of weekend classes at $300 per student

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    Techniques can't really be copyrighted. Maybe the names of the techniques can. The school itself and the syllabus could be copyrighted.

    I occasionally see "new" combatives techniques that are actually old techniques in Japanese martial arts and maybe others. I remember a forum years ago where one combatives guy was sharing his "secrets" that "nobody else knew" and he was mad that traditional martial artists would say that those techniques were part of their systems. All he needed to do was look up books and videos of those systems, which predated his threads, to see those techniques.

    In looking though Medieval European texts I've seen jointlocks I learned in Japanese martial arts from the same time period. Similarly, in looking a Medieval sword texts, I see postures that look very similar to the kamae in Kenjutsu. I doubt there was any connection, it is just that there are only so many ways a human can move, and some movements work better than others in any given situation.

    I don't see a problem with borrowing from other systems as long as you are open about it, and of course as long as you can use and teach the technique and it makes sense to do so.

    For the business side, it might be a good idea to look at people with various instructor franchise organizations, not just martial arts. A traveling martial arts seminar company really is not very different from traveling seminar companies teaching other subjects.
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    Can't copyright a "move" or technique. It's been tried.

    Once stuff is on video, it is immediately stolen and nobody give credit or honors their sources. When I put something out in a class or on video, I try to make sure that message is not just what I am teaching, but HOW I am teaching it.

    You need to examine your niche market and be honest about the number of people who are seeking this kind of training. It may not be as many as you think.
    Fletch Fuller

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    Hi Benjamin & Fletch

    I was worried about the use of the words KNIVE Boxing. Doing a YOUTUBE search I realized that it is a generic term.

    I use some of his Drills (Not able to physically do them all) but use them differently. For example had adds a Power Slash/Cross to a Heaven Six Drill. I use my Lead Hand 90& of the time (Closest Weapon to the Attacker) and my Rear Blade simply as a Shield to cover the Line I left exposed, rarely attacking with it.

    I do train the Drill often but use it to stretch my hips. Using the 45% Angle a get from the Slash for a long stretch and the fast Follow-up Hook for a Short Snapping motion.

    Of course I plan to thank him and give him credit when I do get to teach/share my spin on his techniques one day.

    Hi TwinsboysDad

    My techniques are not all that different/special compared to what everybody else is doing. The problem I run into when I trained Karate and that I see on YOUTUBE when people show/teach Martial Arts to wheelchair users that it is all about quick problem solving.

    For example to Grade you need to come up with an Application for a KATA. When everybody else is Grappling you need to do something, so go hit the Focus Mitts. Then when you spar you try like crazy to reach your opponent and land Strikes and none of the training you did applies.

    What I did was to design a System that trains the techniques you need in a logical, smart manner. For example instead of learning the Down Block First from HEIN KATAS (The Block that everybody teaches first) it makes sense to learn Blocking Open Handed across your body first.

    Standing square in front of the attacker it leaves you to exposed executing a Down Block because you cannot step forward and Strike after a Down Block. Later on you can use the Block effectively but with a different set up and a different sequence of Follow-Up techniques.

    The Open Handed Block not only allows you to cover the High and Low Line but also makes a Follow-Up Strike with the Rear Hand harder for your attacker. Giving you time to pick up the technique and plan an effective counter.

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    Then adding a Blade in the Lead Hand you can use it to intercept attacks cutting the hand/arm of the attacker because you have learned not only where to place your arms in the correct position to stop the attacks but also figured out how to place your blade closer to the attacker.

    Now you can look at your KATAS and see if you have not already trained the arm motions in the KATA. Or see if you put pieces of KATAS together if you cannot create something that will work, using it as a drill to improve your KNIVE Fighting.

    Then testing your techniques by using KNIVES when you Spar.

    So I created a System that works and where there is a measurable improvement in skill.


    My plan is not to turn it into something to sell. I want to swap knowledge for training. (Including travel)to create training opportunities for myself and to be part of a tribe at the same time. Having though about my idea hard these last couple of days I realize that TBD & Fletch has hid the biggest problem on the head and that is to get enough students together. Interestingly enough the problem is not the number of people willing to train but it is getting those people to the seminar. (Having the same problems with travel that I do.)

    So the solution seems to be to keep working hard, setting training goals for myself and reaching them, while keeping a positive mind set. So I can be ready to seize my next training opportunity when it comes.

    Thanks guys for reading the post and the thoughtful ideas and advice.


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    Howsit Bro.
    I know nothing about the laws etc about this thing, but I think its an exceptional idea. Giving back a wheelchair bound person back the means to protect themeselves is empowering them. Dont bother with other styles etc, this is a complete different ball game. Maybe chat to Wolverine and see how you and Suarez SA can work things ou. Well done mate for taking the bull by the horns and best of luck. 10 thumbs up.

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