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    Default AAR: CRG-4 FoF Gunfighting

    I taught CRG-4: Force on Force Gunfighting in Browns Summit, NC. April 22-23.
    This is one of my favorite classes in the SI curriculum.

    This class had three students all of whom were previous SI students which had various training backgrounds. We rotated through the suicide drill and threw a little more dirt on that dead horse’s grave. The acronym for Stand and Deliver, like the tactic, is SaD. It simply is a poor choice unless it is the only choice you have. This drill does allow students to see what can be done should this be the only choice available to them.

    After the Take Off was introduced and drilled we began incorporating the movement matrix. Drilling the different angles allowed the students to see which ones worked the best and which ones did not fare so well at various distances. After conducting several repetitions things started to get a lot better for the good guys.

    The Tueller drill was conducted multiple times from seven yards down to ten feet. Instructions were given to the BG to knock off their masks with this big fake knife and stab’em a little. That didn’t go as planned for the bad guy.

    One of the students in class wanted to use her EDC purse in a few of the drills and fared quite well at getting the gun into operation.




    Some quotes from the class:
    Antagonist: You’re hitting a little high, the last three caught me all in the face.
    Protagonist: Well Gabe said “Keep calm and shoot them in the face.”

    Antagonist: Stop shooting me.
    Protagonist: You’re still standing.

    1911 airsoft pistol didn’t go bang initially. Me: So what happened there?
    Protagonist: I did what I always do, except I swept the safety off instead of riding the safety down.

    On equipment: Get familiar with your gear before the class, new mag springs were not pushing the bb’s up and needed a little silicone oil for reliable function, having extra mags makes things easier.

    This was a great class with a lot of information and best of all I saw copious notes being taken.


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    Always something important to learn during FoF training.

    Thank you for this AAR.
    "When one goes willingly into the darkness, all he will find there, is what he brought in with him".

    --Gabe Suarez, after the 7-11 shootout

    Proper development of the 'Warrior Spirit', training and physical conditioning before 'The Event' cannot be overstated.

    U.S. Army Rangers (1/75 'Old Scroll')
    CRG; 0-5 Feet CRG; PSP Pistol; FOF Instructor School; Combat Pistol Instructor School

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    I’ve been wanting to take the CRG-4 class for a while and finally had the chance to take it with JD last month.

    There’s been a lot written here on WT and some great videos posted lately but you can’t learn much of this sitting in front of your computer. You really need to take the opportunity to have a few dozen gunfights over a weekend. They need to be structured in a progressive manner ( crawl, walk, run) in front of someone with a trained eye who can give you constructive feedback after each repetition. This will give you a chance to fail and learn and all you risk is your ego.

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