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    Default Change in ATF opinion on "pistol brace" use

    This looks like it will apply to various pistol braces. s-b is discussed specifically, but the opinion should logically (yeah, I know ... we're talking about the government here) apply to any brace.

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    I am sure Shockwave will have a letter from BATFE soon as well. At least I hope so...

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    It's about to start raining AR pistols...

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    I finally SBR'ed a few rifles, just a couple of years ago. Now I find myself wishing I had just "braced" everything. Traveling with "pistols" is so much easier.
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    Well, that's why you have both, right? :)

    The SBR still has benefits, mainly better stock options, but I do grab one of the pistols for traveling.

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    So I'm understanding that the ATF is effectively stating that you can now legally shoulder a pistol brace AR for shooting.

    I halfway wonder how much back room politics caused this since every American now owns a basic AR and the market is so cold. This should jump start the AR pistol market for sure.

    Anyway - I've never had any interest in the AR pistols previously. Do the braces extend to normal stock length?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptBeach View Post
    I am sure Shockwave will have a letter from BATFE soon as well. At least I hope so...
    This. I was just trying to convey the idea of a braced pistol to some local shooters in my AO. They missed the concept completely stating that they would just go back to their car and get their trunk gun. And how they have no problem hitting "man sized" targets at 50yards. Then going on about bracing it is dumb compared to a stock on a rifle and they would just carry an AR pistol. When asked if they did it was all crickets, of course they don't. I love this news though and hope we continue in the right direction.

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    Lots of my guys use AR pistols in lieu of larger ARs as patrol guns. I told them it was OK (before the open letter) and really not to sweat it after the open letter as it would likely fail a legal challenge. I guess the ATF (at least under this admin) realizes the same thing. They cant say they were wrong (and justify by discussing persons changing the physical parameters of the brace) but back off the shouldering part completely (realizing that it was an untenable position) Now i can tell them not to worry AGAIN.

    will try to post the opinion letter
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    I'm glad SB continued working on the braces the new ones are alot better than the original sig brace. This is one of the new ones with a KAK buffer tube.

    I'll choose a braced pistol over an SBR until I don't have to file a form to take one out of the state and illinois legalizes SBRs.

    On the subject of this particular pistol it's a 7.5 300 blackout that I built with the dolos qd barrel system. I put a different bolt and a heavier buffer in it week before last and tried it out last Sunday thing runs great with supers both suppressed and un suppressed (with a 7.5 it still has less muzzle blast than a 10.5 5.56).

    Once I got it zeroed I took off the can removed and re installed the barrel re installed my can and there was no POI shift.

    Next on my list is the LAW folder this will make a great travel weapon and with the availability of 300 blackout ammo now I can put back a decent supply.

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