I think too many PD administrators are worried about more / too much about how things look to the public and politicians, than how things really ARE. Its true many, maybe even most cops go their whole career without ever firing a round in anger BUT when they do their firearms proficiency is typically horrible. The are few real shooters and even less are the manhunters, who know that their trade requires skill at arms, just like there are lots of physicians and some surgeons and the few really rare geniuses with a scalpel. We don't tolerate poor surgeons very long and neither should we tolerate cops that cant shoot.

As it is pretty much every range qualification course Ive ever taken was ridicules as far as time for each set (draw and fire 3 rounds in 10 sec). You see some cops done in a flash and some who run out of time; worse you see misses at close range. Imagine if every PD qual target had "don't shoots" next to the threat and hitting a don't shoot was an automatic fail--THAT would be real life??? Imagine if Police bosses lost rank if they failed to shoot at least a 90--THAT would be an amazing department

Ive seen traffic cops shove pens into their holsters because they used the pen more than they ever used their gun. Ive seen cop guns so gunked with dust and rust because they never get cleaned or even wiped down after being in the rain. These are the guys that come to back you up--that you don't want behind you, yet they are still "on the job". Nope, not every cop has to be a "door Kicker"; but I think we can agree everyone has to reasonably safe when hes behind you, and be counted on to shoot when the time is right, with the knowledge that he CAN shoot.

Jon, it sounds like you did an amazing job with those folks--Congrats. I hope they know YOU saved them their job and pension. I also hope they don't take it for granted and schedule regular classes and range time, so that next week when they are back on the street they can live up to what you did for them AND at the next range cycle they aren't the ones worrying about their job...