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    I think it's #1.

    They maybe trained that way by their "teachers" because they don't really value their own lives, either. If they die during the soft target mow-down, then it's a "sacrifice."

    Hajlett. Love that term.

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    As I mentioned the first time this was posted, I'm less concerned about these twits going toe-to-toe with me or a few of us.

    However, I would be gravely concerned about a group of moderately trained hadji immigrant kids moving into my AO with their parents and attending school with my son, and attempting to pull this stunt off against other kids while their parents stand guard outside.

    We are are dealing with the spawn of Satan gentelmen, act accordingly and train up.
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    I do not agree they deserve to die any more than many of the other child soldiers that are used to commit atrocities. But in order to survive one must kill them.
    They will kill due to their conditioning; their danger is that it is possible that people may overlook a child allowing a child killer an advantage. So far to my knowledge these child soldiers have not yet been used in the west to kill and that could certainly change. They are more easily employed in Europe than here, but even ISIS using such in the USA is not out of the question. My major worry would be some relatives that live in larger cities being hurt in such attacks. I am in very small town of southern USA and the only real targets are the military bases that I do not frequent. What goes on in military installations is beyond my reach.
    So the films of these child killers are disgusting and vile, but I am not personally that worried about them. I worry more about the water moccasins that crawl my place on occasion as offering me danger and not some juvenile programmed killers in the middle east. Last water moccasin was spotted from tractor and really terminated by three .38 spl speer shot rounds. The moccasin did not deserved to die, but its presence presented a real danger to me. If these child killers show upon my place (unlikely for sure) they will rendered non-dangerous.
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    I've seen retards badmouth Gabe for teaching CQB. To these commies, it is wrong to teach "civilians" such skills.
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    I would like to get my hands on the retards that are training the kids to do this.

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    My main takeaway from the film is that one or two of these kids in a mall or God help us a school will be a nightmare.

    What they lack in skill them balance with malice. That's important and worth hammering on. Their muzzle discipline sucked, they didn't hold their pistols particularly well, blah blah blah. They didn't hesitate to kill. That and that alone is enough to cause significant damage when (not "if") they are loose in CONUS.

    I know I need more training. This is deeply troubling footage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawn View Post
    Damn - that is bad. And watching it, I'm amazed at the lack of resistance those captive guys put up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Firstly the constantly moved with weapons extended, even when entering a room, they practiced no weapon retention throughout the entire video. Same with muzzle awareness, there wasnít any, I think that itís possible to assume that itís from a lack of training as much as lack of regard for their team mates safety.
    Also this is *literally* not even the "JV". This is the Pee Wee Football team.

    And I don't mean that pejoratively. These are probably 10 or 11 year old kids. Watch some of them playing basketball or football. They have some of the moves, and they'll get the rest with time, but at this point stuff is too big for them, the football/basketball, the courts etc.

    Just like for these kids. Those buildings and guns are *adult* sized. Also they're on a propaganda mission in addition to training, so some of that footage is shot and cut for visual impact, not awesome tactics.

    They stand a good chance of getting better if they aren't spent too cheaply.

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