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    This is actually fairly interesting to me because I'm a little torn on my response. 1) I completely agree with how you handled it and applaud your following as The Spirit guided and 2) letting him F up his own life as he sees fit.

    As an example, when I was building houses after I left the military I had a meth head come work on my crew and I rode him into the ground, but also because he had no family I invited him to Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family. Through a couple of years of my mentorship he dropped all drugs but drinking, became my top guy, and eventually ended up running a crew after I left the company.

    Fortunately and unfortunately, he tried to follow my example and help some people without my skillset and he was murdered and robbed for his effort about 3 years ago. Through the intervention of some friends, a few here on this forum, prevented me from going out to purposely get thrown in CO. lock up to get at the perp and finish it.
    The subtle differences between being in the right place at the right time with suitable skills to support someone at a critical moment in their lives and interjecting yourself into someones life in an attempt to 'fix' their problems?
    One wonders if the OP was perhaps the result of the prayers of the mother?
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    "The thought came to me that I am no better than Brian if such a change is possible yet I use my good fortune as an excuse to not put in the work."

    Quite a profound thought.
    Isaiah 54:17

    Deus dea traballo, dixo o enterrador.

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    Good man.

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