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    Got the slug sighted barrel on my Fakeout and reduced and textured the stock fore end. I still need an SI big head saftey and maybe some porting....

    I am liking this beast more and more....


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    Our Dept. Qualification starts with two slugs at 50 yards. Should’ve seen their faces light up when I demoed with the Stakeout.

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    My Tac-14 that I have had fun working on myself and have upgraded with parts from SI. Its been interesting going through the various iterations and seeing just why the Stakeout is what it is as SI makes them. I am a geek like that and and appreciate the deeper knowledge it can provide.

    I painted mine with Alumahyde II OD green because I like the contrast of OD green and Black; Also I like the Incredible Hulk. Hulk smash.

    I played around with some filters on my phone.

    This is one that I got back from Mr. Anthony lol. Another friend of mine likes it and thinks it brings out the inner essence of love and peace of the gun when loaded with 3" mag 00 buck.

    I did this just to put a smile on my face. Anyone that knows me won't be surprised by this lol.
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    Thanks SI, I love it.

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    GREAT PIC!!!

    Caption - Death Is Imminent!!
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    Oh that pic is a winner. Very nice!
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    wp 2.0.jpg

    Haven't sent it in to SI for the internal work (soon) so it's not a true Stakeout, but here's mine. Wife named it "Chapo".

    Will be adding the folding brace from SI shortly.

    I work in a gun shop in NY and have it around some days for people to check out. I describe it as an "ANTIFA Dispersal Device".

    The biggest surprise is when I tell them it's NY LEGAL!


    ETA: I replaced the bolt with one from my ca. 1975 Wingmaster. Racking the slide is smoother and takes 1/2 the force it used to.
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