8 pages, and no one says a peep about the fact that these idiots made and saved evidence that could have put one or more of them in jail. This was the eighties, before I-phones. Before YouTube. These guys had to put effort into creating this evidence. Nearly as much effort as would be required today to keep such video from being recorded. Then, after the idiot had been dragged out the back door, when he may well have been on his way to a hospital where he might have given a statement or expiring to become the subject of a real investigation, Mr Purple is failing to destroy the tape. Not just failing to destroy it, but I will bet he was watching and re watching it. Maybe even sharing it with more, new witnesses.

Does anyone know if the aftermath is known to posterity? Did Supafly live? Did Shaft turn states evidence on Purple?

There isn't much I can say about the fight that hasn't been said. As I understand it, we are here to talk about our observations and to see what we can learn. My observation is "They didn't get rid of this tape???" How does this even exist 35 years later?

These idiots reproduced and their kids now post their crimes on YouTube.