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    Default No Parts- Arsenal SGL-21/31 series

    Howdy guys and gals. I'm a new member from the buckeye state. Long time lurker on this forum. The wealth of knowledge on Warrior Talk is beyond impressive. Thank you everyone for giving me countless hours of good reading material!

    My only AK rifle I own is the Arsenal Legion marked Russian SGL-21-84. The one with the triangle sidefolder in 7.62 x39. I love this rifle. I've fired probably 3-4,000 rds through her so far and have the weapon outfitted with the Ultimak/Aimpoint T1 combo + G2 trigger. I call it the War Pig. She eats anything and belches flame out the 100 series muzzle brake.

    My dilemma-

    I'm aware of the sanctions against Russia which have effectively shut off all imported SGL series rifles. What I was not aware of... That also includes all parts and logistical support for the SGL-21 series, specifically the bolt/extractor which is essentially a modified AK-74 profile bolt designed to work with 7.62 x39. While my SGL-21-84 works 100%, and I don't have a considerable round count yet, I worry that eventually my extractor/bolt etc will eventually fail with enough use rendering my expensive "103" useless and without any possibility of spare parts. I may want to consider selling it (I've seen standard SGL-21 series sell for $1,700 + on GunBroker and $2,000 + for sidefolder 100 series!!)

    In case anyone would like to buy my SGL-21-84 with 3-4,000 rds through it, no original box or paperwork with a VTAC padded sling, G2 trigger and Ultimak rail + a few steel Euro mags, let me know what you think a fair price should be. Thanks everyone! I'll post some pics later. I don't have the original trigger or that gas tube polymer cover that came with the gun and replaced with the Ultimak rail.
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    Did you sell it , the bolt isn’t going to break and a 74 extractor and firing pin will work just fine . I have an sgl 21 I swapped the extractor and firing pin with standers ak74 parts and ran around 300 rounds through it and it works fine

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    Default No Parts Arsenal SGL 21/31 series

    As noted on RL, I need to get this stuff out of here- send me a PM with an offer, or inquiries into other parts. Pretty soon I am going to have to go to ebay and CL.

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