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    Thumbs up AAR: CRG-5 Zero to Five Feet Gunfighting w/ Randy Harris, Chattanooga, TN 2017-04-01

    CRG-5 with Randy Harris is the class you take when you want the straight dope on the realities of violent personal encounters. Humbling and enlightening, this class will disprove your previous notions of what a fight is and show you the real tempo and distance you have to work with. This is where you get to really FEEL it, not just talk about it and walk through it as an academic study.

    We covered an excellent range of topics including responses to various attack methods and working to regain the advantage in the fight. There were no bumper-sticker rules that a violent encounter can be summed up by, but we did explore basic responses that will minimize damage received and work as the beginning of your counter assault.

    I would say this class is not for the faint of heart or weak of constitution, but if approached with the right mindset, you will get back out of the class everything you put in to it. You will have to work in this class - no casual target shooting and stalling at the bench while reloading mags. This is a class for pushing your limits.

    When asked about my weekend by my peers, I responded, "In a violent encounter, most of us are f&^ed to some degree. If you don't think you are, then your doubly-f#$&ed." When sometimes the best you can hope out of the encounter is that the other guy simply misses, you recognize that this is an ugly mess we're dealing with. However, to counter this, Randy provided great encouragement in that by continually training, your brain will process the encounter faster and you will be able to get ahead of the fight. It's not all doom and gloom, but you must be aware that sometimes it's not going to be a real handy situation.

    A statement regarding "defense against (insert weapon here)." There is no defense against (insert weapon here). There is only righteous offense against a person wielding a (insert weapon here). You are not defending, you are taking the fight to them and you are aware of what their weapon is and you are taking steps to manage that weapon.

    The most profound statement from the weekend is expressed as following:

    If you have a force-on-force experience in the beginning of your training journey, you would streamline the rest of your training journey.

    As discussed elsewhere at length, when put to the test, you would drop newly presented tactics and techniques that fail the force-on-force litmus test. Your BS-meter would be very refined.

    The fire-hose has overflowed the coffee cup. If you can take this class, please do so. This class connects the dots that earlier CRG courses begin setting up. I got exactly what I wanted: a no bullshit experience in personal violent encounters.
    Thomas N. Fuller II

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    Any training with Randy is a good investment.
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