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    Default Shotshell ammo carry options

    Anyone familiar with the Makershot ammo carrier. It looks a lot like a Side Saddle for your belt. I'm not sure its a solution for everything, but it looks interesting.

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    On the Stakeout...I would not add ON WEAPON AMMO CARRY as the weapon is intended to be fast and light.

    On a general Purpose Shotgun, I would use only the Aridus Ammo Carrier. I am quite impressed with this and it eclipses any other shotgun ammo carry methods.

    Everything else is ghetto.

    An additional on body type of carry is also suggested.
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    I use two Allen shotgun butt cuffs, they hold 5 rounds each. Wear them on each forearm. Works great, weight is not really an issue and it keeps the gun light.

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