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    Default Incident at airport, Paris. Gun seized from soldier

    Incident at airport, Paris. Gun seized from soldier. Another incident which may be related in which maybe related involved a car, A radicalised Muslim known to intelligence agencies was shot dead at Orly airport outside Paris after seizing a soldier's gun just hours after opening fire at police in a suburb the north of the city.
    The attacker assaulted a patrol of three soldiers from the air force including a woman, who he wrestled to the ground as he tried to take her weapon, the French defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said.
    The minister says the two other patrolmen opened fire "to protect her" and the public in the airpor
    The man, who police said was on a security watch list, had earlier fled the suburb of Stains in a Renault Clio stolen from a woman at gunpoint after opening fire on officers using a pistol, injuring one, during an identity check.
    The pistol might be an air pistol
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    I suppose it's a good thing those Paris cops keep their guns chained to their bodies. At least the other two shot the guy.
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    `...had fled ... in a Renault Clio...
    Achmed did not even have a taste for vehicles. Good thing he is dead now.

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