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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    Youll go to jail if you use a 10mm. It happened to a guy in _________


    Youll go to jail if you use reloads. It happened in _________
    Don't forget - You'll go to jail if you modify your gun

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    Heard a big local gun store clerk say " Here point the gun at me". That got my attention. Looked up to see the customer pointing a Beretta 92 at him and the clerk then demonstrating how to strip the slide from the gun someone is pointing at you

    At another gun store I asked to look at a 1911 from the case. I noticed the clerk did not clear the gun before handing it to me grip first with the gun pointing at him. While I was examining the gun the clerk moved down the case and started talking with the other clerk about an AD in the shop just the week before when a customer pulled the trigger on a gun he was handed. They did not know how it got loaded. They certainly learned nothing at all from the incident.

    Had a firearms instructor state that he did not support the NRA because they believed it was ok for citizens to by Black Talon ammunition.

    Man don't get me started. I could write a book of all the really stupid crap I've heard in gun stores and in a few training classes!

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    In hushed tones: "You can shoot 'em outside your house, just make sure you drag them inside afterwards."
    "When you are hungry, it is foolish to hunt a tiger when there are plenty of sheep to be had." Baader-Meinhof slogan

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    I've forgotten all the times I've heard, "You don't want a Glock; you want a (insert brand here) 'cause it's a lot safer than a Glock." But my favorite...

    Commando (showing customer a Kimber 1911 of some sort): "The 1911 in .45 ACP is really the only serious choice for a personal defense handgun."
    Customer: "What's that you're carrying?"
    Commando: "This? Well this is a Kel-Tec PF9, but..."
    Waitin' for a squeeze...

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    Women should be sold J frames when they want to buy a firearm. That's probably as much as they can handle......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joatmon View Post
    Don't forget - You'll go to jail if you modify your gun
    I've been told I'll go to jail for every single aftermarket Suarez part I have on my pistol. Now I just laugh at those people to their face.

    On another note, today I was discussing unruly crowds surrounding your vehicle. It came up in reference to those motorcyclists beating the dude in California. The look on their face was laughable when I told them the first thing I do is draw my pistol, the very second someone gets out of their car and approaches my car.

    I guess some people just aren't cut out to survive...
    Isaiah 54:17

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    There are untold numbers of absolutely idiotic and moronic statements in ref to guns/SD that one hears from various so called experts, trainers, 'gun guys' ,etc whether on Internet forums or local shops, training venues, or ranges. With some exceptions, I've found that the majority of the 'gun community' is inhabited by clueless imbecile wannabe commando tacticool fudd types. Yes, broad brush approach, but such has been my experience, hence why I reside here for the most part and perhaps one other forum for political commentary.

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    "This Taurus 1911 I was shooting misfired, only a couple parts blew off and my hand healed. That's why I will never shoot a plastic gun, thank God I was using a steel 1911."

    ...He's our head safety officer...

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    108 a woman who frequents gun shops quite often, I have some doozies that mostly come from ignorant men behind the counter who automatically assume I know nothing about guns. Sometimes I do the twirly hair, batt my eyes thing just to see what stupid things they say.

    "Here...hold this one (hands me the classic, pink, feather lite .38 special revolver). "These are great for women...point and shoot. No recoil. You can toss it on your purse" Dude...every statement you just made is wrong, wrong and wrong.

    Me searching for my first concealed carry gun...keep in mind that I have very small hands and short fingers. "You gotta get a Glock" (hands me a double stack Glock in 9mm). I can barely reach the trigger. " will get used to it" (in his defense here, I can handle a double stack Glock now, but then I wanted something that fit my hands well). Me: where in the world am I going to conceal this monster? Wait for it...."just toss it in your purse"

    Me: What do you have in a lighter weight .308 hunting rifle? Sales guy: hands me a rifle in a .223. "Try this one" Me: does this come in a .308. SG: "Yes, but a .308 is going to kick, I think you may be better off with a. 223, a little as you are" Me: Dude...I hunted last year with a 25.06, I own a 30.06 and my favorite plinking rifle is a 30.30 lever action. I can handle a .308 just fine. (Btw...I ended up with a Tikka T3 in a .308)

    These are just a couple stories I can tell. It can be very frustrating for women in a gun shop. Sales guys either assume you know nothing and treat you like a child or they just want to make the sale and sell you something beyond your skill set.

    Droid did it!

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    This popped into my head last night. "Use the snake shot loads. Thatll make'em leave you alone and you wont kill'em. If you kill'em the family will sue you." OR "shoot'em in the face with this (snakeshot). Itll blind them so you can get away"


    when a customer is looking for a 9mm, they hand him a 44magnum because its the most powerful gun in the world, itll blow their head right off

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