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    It's not that they pointed a .45 at him, it's that they called him "Pops"!!! Killin me!! :)

    I already like that guy.

    The thing I observed that was enjoyable was a guy bringing in a well used, but in great shape Pre-64 Winchester model 70 .30-06 to potentially trade on a new purchase. He obviously did not know what it was, and the LGS guy behind the counter was attempting to take advantage. An older gent was obviously eavesdropping, and new what he was looking at. He stepped up and loudly said "after this guy quits jacking you around and gives you his trade in value, give me a wave, I'll probably double your money in the parking lot."

    Sort of like watching Pawn Stars when the experts weigh in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    If I have properly diagnosed the strategy, the good guy has nothing useful to say. There is no negotiating to be had. The purpose is to kill the bad guy. The bad guy, though, still has hope of talking his way out of the situation. By waiting for the bad guy to speak, you are essentially waiting for him to enter a different phase of the OODA loop. Initially, the bad guy is primed for an attack. When the attack doesn't come initially, he begins to switch gears and go into negotiating mode. Once he has flipped that mental switch, he will be slower if he tries to transition back to violence. So the good guy is waiting for this moment. Once the sheik opens his mouth, you know that he is no longer as focused on the hostage; he's now primed for conversation. Bang. That's the moment you cap him.

    I may be giving the writers too much credit for their tactical acumen. But that's the way I read the scene. I wasn't overly impressed with the rest of the movie, but I liked that one scene.
    I hadn't seen this before but I like it. Your description reminds me of the Cops episode where the Metro Sergeant takes the guy down in the middle of his sentence to the guy. He seriously interrupted the guys thought process as he was expecting the cop to finish his sentence instead of go offensive.

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