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    These are great bags all the way around. I've been very happy with all mine, have everyone or have had hands on all of them.

    Their discreet Rifle bags are great for going in and out of hotel rooms, cars etc without screaming Rifle bag as well.

    Their line of clothing is ,great functional, non-tactical looking for outdoor wear as well.

    Pants are more reasonable, durable than Kuhl pants and actually designed around EDC.
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    So a little update.... I took a new gig that entails a high end tool storage and accessories company... new private equity portfolio acquisition (turnaround situation and integration yadda yadda).

    Looks like I have some great softgoods designers and engineers at my disposal... I think I'm going to try to dream up my unicorn AR bag! The folks there are certainly pro 2A! I love that I don't work for liberals any longer.

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    Thanks for posting your very useful and informative images and narrative. I will soon retire from LEO-ing, and will then be free from the restrictions on what I can carry/use during personal time. AR pistols have moved to near the top of my recent reading/interwebbing.
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