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Well...and screaming like a hysterical woman will make it easy for those same boogiemen to say you were an out of control overly-emotional psycho.

I shot plenty of black men when I was in LE...because they were committing home invasions and armed robberies. There is a time for management of the fight, and a time to manage the scene after the bad guy is dead. Make sure you know what time it is.




I bet you wouldn't be speaking to the bad guy either. Cold stare, perhaps a verbal warning if he showed movement toward you, but once that AR came out? It's like a shot timer just went off. You couldn't possibly have a more clear-cut case of self defense as someone pulling a rifle on you!

I go quiet and focused when crap hits the fan, maybe a grunt or guttural sound when moving as quickly as possible? Maybe a cuss word? I can't imagine training to yell a sentence or two repeatedly in that situation, just for witness benefit. Immediately after, sure.