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    Exclamation April 9 TN/GA/AL RIFLE Training Day

    The next meeting of the TN GA AL Regional Training group will be held on Sunday April 9. It will be a RIFLE DAY ! So grab your rifle and your gear and come on out!

    Date: Sunday April 9

    Time: 10AM to 3PM CENTRAL TIME.

    Price : $60 pay at class cash or check.

    Subject: Real World Rifle Skills (a study in robust manipulations and scoring fight stopping hits under stress)

    Equipment needed:
    A rifle. Any rifle is fine, but you'll be better off with a magazine fed semi auto with a couple of spare mags. But if you want to roll "Old School" with a lever gun or bolt gun you are more than welcome to join us. We'll be focusing on the zero to 75 yard distance and using steel targets for some drills so no green tip or AP ammo please.

    A pistol. Whatever you REALLY carry....preferably the way you really carry it.

    Ammo needed: 200 rds rifle (NO Green Tip or Armor Piercing ) 50 rds pistol

    Location: The usual place .....763 CR 332 Pisgah AL 35765
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    Possibly dumb question... do I need to sign up for this at all beforehand or do I just show up? I've take a few pistol training courses but haven't had any rifle training before and am pretty interested.

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    see you there.

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    I'm planning on attending.

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    I will be attending. See all there.
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