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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophilos View Post
    I'll add my 2 cents. It begins with a confession. I work in an NPE that has a sign as soon as you enter: "No weapons including concealed firearms allowed."
    There was another thread on here recently I did not contribute to. It was a thread about leaving your firearm in the bathroom. I had NEVER done that. Ironically 3 days later I did. The owner of the business has a secretary that found my gang unit, G19 and reload sitting neatly on a shelf in the bathroom. I will ad that I am the general manager and am at the top of the food chain besides the boss and only answer to him.
    After a heated discussion with them both and expressing that the sign was bull#×&! It basically came down to a point of our bank working with us and their policies. I again called out bullshit, expressed that I could give a fuck about some bankers "policies" and assured both of them that their thinking and unarmed practices would never protect me if something ugly went down. I work in an industry that is ripe for robberies and will be going home to my family that I am responsible for.
    I learned a serious lesson that day. I screwed up and allowed myself to get distracted. I immediately called a friend of mine who works in the firearm industry and he berated me. He explained when in a public bathroom your gear goes in your undies around your ankles and NO WHERE ELSE!!! You can't pull your pants up without the whole picture and getting your gear in its proper place.
    I was an idiot.
    Anyway... I carried back in the next day and every day since. First thing I noticed was posture. I was on high alert worried the owner would be checking. He's a peace/love/flower type and I am on his radar. It's been 6 months and all is well.
    My diagnosis: lift!
    If I've learned anything from SI it's stop being a pussy. Stop making excuses. Lift some weights and get your body where your belly is sucked in and your chest is huge. I'm not hearing anything about genetics. You can lift. Get your chest 2" thicker in the front than your belly, stand with decent posture, and the butt of your gun will dissappear with any clothing that drapes.
    My brother in law introduced me to SI in '13. I was in a horrible place that the men here have influenced in ways I will not express for years to come. Eventually I will for the benefit of the tribe. Essentially we all have different backgrounds and some of us more to overcome than others.
    Putting a squat cage in my basement and lifting has been one of the best choices I've made since joining WT. I wanna bitch and cry and make excuses. You gentleman politely let me know there is no place for that.
    This was a long rant. It is only meant to help. Lift more weight, work on your posture and chime in 6 to 12 months from here. Let's see if the thought pattern is the same or if you have discovered more awesomeness you can share with us.
    Psalm dad. Nothing but respect sir. You can do incredible things. I can't wait to hear what you discover.

    Thanks for your time and great advice. I'm working on the things you mentioned but it's great to get encouragement.
    Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong. Your every action must be done with love.

    “Adversity introduces a man to himself.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms23dad View Post
    My first thought was "I don't know if I want to change my posture just for appendix carry" but the reality is I probably have the posture I do because of 4:00 carry.....

    Thanks guys I'll give it a try.
    Also, make sure your pants and belt are loose enough so the gun/holster can ride up and down a bit with you
    as you move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms23dad View Post
    I'm sure the NPE is a nice product it's just not something I personally would consider for my primary means of carry.
    I like the Archangel holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Workinprogress View Post
    Also, make sure your pants and belt are loose enough so the gun/holster can ride up and down a bit with you
    as you move.
    Hmmm. I go the other way on the belt - not super tight but cinched up firm to keep the gun from shifting around and to keep it tucked in well. A looser belt that lets the gun sag a little is much less comfortable to me, and feels less secure too. I don't wear tight pants though so I agree on that part.

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    This problem probably affects a lot of us that sit for long periods throughout the day. You'll notice it a lot when carrying AIWB because your gun tends to point inwards towards your groin while the rear of the slide wants to push away from your body. An NPE holster can minimize this effect because the gun sits lower, but this may be the root of many people's problems with AIWB.

    Borrowing pic from previous post:
    I definitely don't have the same body type as the guy in this picture, I have a small frame and am quite thin. But my gun looks identical to this picture under the shirt when I'm not focusing on my posture, because my default hip position is "rolled back".

    Stretches are huge if you have issues here.
    You shouldn't be thinking 'oh God, I'm in a gunfight', you should be saying 'THANK GOD I'M IN A GUNFIGHT!' " - Gabe Suarez

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    That seems like a good video. I think posture was the main problem when I started carrying all the time and have worked on that a bit. Clothing was probably the other biggest issue that I had to work on and I have solved most of that problem buy buying lots of button up shirts with different print patterns on them and that has helped a lot. Also shedding about 10lbs helped as well, and maybe another 5 or so will be even better.
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    I second the archangel....I have 2 that I wear daily for a G30 and G36.

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    The biggest factor is making sure your chest is larger than your waist. Secondly, I find it's much easier to conceal, and more comfortable, when wearing pants with a normal rise, like 5.11 Strykes. I have a couple pairs of Levis 559s and they ride low enough to make the AIWB G19 ride funny. Still doable for me, but for someone struggling I'd suggest a higher rise waistband.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms23dad View Post
    I've been carrying at 4:00 for the last 9+ years. I'm not opposed to appendix but I could never conceal it. Recently I tried a couple of new holster designs and still even though they are made for appendix carry they are very uncomfortable and print badly. In the past I tried a M&P 9c in a Comp-tac appendix holster. More recently a Glock 19 in a Raven concealment and Bravo concealment holster. I can't help but feel I'm missing a peice to the puzzle.... I'm not fat but rather lean, 6ft 165lbs. Have quality gun belts. Tried different positions and heights with the holsters and pretty much from 12:00-2:00. I know it sounds pretty elementary to ask about this but seriously I'm lost.
    For those who's body type seems to reject this method of carry what did you find that helped and allowed you to pull it off?

    I'm new to this site and hope I'm not repeating, but I have no belly/fat and the only way I can appendix carry would be if I didn't wear jeans the way Wranglers and Levis are cut or I pulled them up around my navel. Not comfortable.--jw

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