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As a science teacher of 16 years in one of our nation's largest school districts this really hits home. I have a thread here somewhere on just this issue. I have been at our admin for over a year to get active shooter and trauma training. Slow as hell. One of the admins finally approached me this week to look into this. So I am playing the middle man between the admins at my school and a group to come train the faculty to deal with an active shooter situation.

We do a shelter in place drill with our students a couple times a year and that seems good enough for most. I can tell you I am the only one who stands up at every meeting after these drills and point out that we are absolutely not ready for an active shooter. When I ask them what they will do when a lock fails or a bad guy gets into a room its dead silence. I told them that they can do what they want but the students in my room know we will act with violence if that bad guy gets in.

I was told that they did a mock active shooter drill in my district a while back where people knew it was staged and many people were still so traumatized that they felt it would be best to avoid any such scenarios in the future. So our plan is shelter in place, be quiet, and pray the door doesn't open. Not my plan but this is a huge "head in the sand" problem.

But still I will keep fighting to get our school trained for the fight. Frustrating as hell.
I'm a teacher as well, our active shooter training sucks as well. We do have a cop stationed at the school but if they take her out then what? Well lets just say that my "hiding" is actually me laying an ambush. Something I learned here...argh!