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    Dropping back in with this:

    I was talking over my dilemma with a few friends and after describing the 6.5 Grendel suggestion (and its being met with great admiration), this is my rough plan:

    1) 16 or 18" barrel
    2) Midlength Gas
    3) 1:8 twist
    4) Either a B5 SOPMOD, a CTR/STR or a plain A2 stock
    5) VLTOR VC-301 comp
    6) Whatever 80% lower I can find, same for LPK
    7) MOE or ERGO grip
    8) Burris PEPR
    9) Vortex Crossfire II in 2-7x32 (Had this on my previous SPR and was very impressed)
    10) Gerber Shortstack multitool
    11) VTAC sling

    What do we think?
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    I think you could do a lot better on the scope and mount. Especially compared to that Burris PEPR mount; you can get a Leupold IMS or Aero mount in the same price range, if budget is limited.

    My preference would be to save some money on the brand name accessories like the muzzle brake, and put it into a good barrel and scope instead. IMO the primary $$ focus should be on the barrel, scope, and trigger.
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    5.56 wouldn't do well in that brush either. If you're willing, I'd go with the 6.5 Grendel too. I run .300 BLK and it works great out to 400, but I'm skeptical of the energy it retains

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