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    For a burner I have this one:

    (Just the burner, hard to find a review that wouldn't put someone else's store on Gabe's site) I use it for winter in the Front Range and it's the stove in the pack in my car as well. I like the small handle on the simmer ring as it allows adjustment even if the stove is already hot without burning my fingers. It has warmed a lot of tea & hot cocoa water on snowshoe and XC ski outings

    I also use a MSR Pocket Rocket in the summer. You have to keep the canister inside your coat for winter use. But 3 season it is fast, easy, and plenty of heat. Boils a couple of cups of water under 5 min at 10,000' The downside is that wind affects it more than it affects the Whisperlite. The stove itself is only 4 oz. though so for the "fast & light" part it really shines. Canisters weight more than the stove but you can stay pretty light.

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    Mine is and always will be the swiss volcano stove with triox. Wood in a pinch
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    In my experience, it depends on how fast you want to cook or boil water. Alcohol stoves do not put out the heat that the Pocket Rockets do using isobutane. I have a pocket rocket, and a whisperlite. I got rid of my alcohol stove years ago. I use the windshield from the whisperlite with the pocket rocket when it is really blowing. The pocket rocket, an isobutane can and a collapsible base all fit in my titanium cooking kit and last at least a full weekend of camping.

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    Years ago in Scouts I had a bluet Isopropanol stove. I always wanted an MSR wisperlite and in 99 after the Corps and getting a better paying job I bought a MSR Dragonfly. Still have it, but it doesn't get much use as we mostly do car camping.

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    What will you be cooking? Or just boiling water? Altitude?

    If I'm cooking with a pan, I want wide and low.
    I prefer liquid fuel so I can measure or tell how much I have left.

    All other, I prefer to heat boiling water as fast as possible, simple, minimal fuss. There's things I like about MSR and things I like about Jetboil.

    Freeze dried? I just rehydrate by soaking in water. SIMPLE.
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    Have had an earlier version of this for many years - Optimus Multi-fuel:


    Just great, run it on gas or Shellite (burns very clean).

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