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    I like the concept of the jet boil but it's a single use stove. With the Optimus crux you can boil water like the jet boil then throw a pan on it and scramble eggs. Unless you like boiled eggs for breakfast... I used to have a jet boil but the Optimus took its spot with their pot combo. It seems to boil water just as quick and efficiently.
    Jetboil's come out with a line of pots, pans and skillets. They're no more than you would pay for a good skillet for your kitchen. They've also released hardware to daisy chain together their stoves and run them off of 20# propane tanks when the weather's right for it.


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    I ended up getting the Gigapower on sale at REI with the corresponding titanium pot. Taken it out several times. Perfect for what it is and the space savings is tremendous as the stove and one fuel canister will fit inside the pot nicely.
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