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    Quote Originally Posted by callmebubba View Post
    You answered it with the difference in the 9/40 and 45 frame. Makes this gun even less attractive by my eye. I see some credence to "one serial number" for a stack of caliber and size options. But this still isn't there for me.
    The grip modules are pretty cheap though ... about $40.

    I haven't tried to do caliber changes on mine - but supposedly it's just a matter of getting the proper caliber exchange kit ... which includes a slide, barrel, grip module, and magazine. Those kits go for about $300. After paying for having my slide milled and a RMR ... and figuring out which grip I like (in my case I settled on a Compact/Medium ... I also played around with a Carry/Medium and a Subcompact/Small) I can't really think of a good reason to want to change it up.

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    According to the "interwebs" (and SIG support) the 9mm/.40 frame is incompatible with the .45.
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