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Very intelligent choices. Our agency limits road cops to 16" barreled AR carbines in .223.

When I had to give my SWAT 10.5" back, it made a substantial difference in handling inside the Disco Panda. Hate to think what it's like in a Caprice.

The .300 BO in a braced 10.5" or shorter is far better. Wish I could carry mine.

I realized early on that most cops dont want to jump through the NFA route and we could accomplish the same thing quicker,and easier with a braced ar pistol. So I approached admin with the cost saving measure of allowing deputies to carry their own rifle caliber weapons in lieu of the agency purchasing them (and actually allowing the retirement/sale of some agency weapons to fund other hot button issues), and after that approval, wrote the policy that way as rifle caliber weapons subject to reliability testing and qualification to patrol rifle standard.

The Boss (who while not a meat eater is a great guy and is happy to have meat eaters on the payroll) hasnt blinked an eye since.