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Thread: USPS problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsehide View Post
    I had a longbow coming to me from Montana, when we were still living in Northern Colorado...
    Took about three weeks to get it: went to LA, then New Jersey, Minnesota, New Mexico and finally Denver.
    Go figure.
    Hehe... I have had UPS drop packages off on my dock that should have been in Maine. Even though they scan every single package anytime it moves mistakes happen. I have also had LTL carriers try and bring me pallets of stuff that should have gone to Florida lol. For all the things I have seen go wrong its pretty amazing that so many things go right.
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    Yeah, USPS does the worst job at updating the tracking information. I'll frequently receive a package before they bother giving me any info other than that the package was received by the post office.
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    Very simple, any item of value, send next day air via Fedex/UPS. Easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henri View Post
    Very simple, any item of value, send next day air via Fedex/UPS. Easy.
    UPS maybe, but we are currently having problems getting orders from Brownell's in Iowa because they started using FedEx. I live 70 miles from Brownell's. The last order went FedEx from Grinell to Ottumwa to Chicago to Lenexa, Kansas to Olathe, Kansas and finally to Osseo, Minnesota before FedEx gave it to the post office and sent it to Des Moines. A round trip of about 1500 miles in eight days to take a package 70 miles .
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    You guys make me feel old. My expectations are so low. I grew up with "delivery in 4-6 weeks." Now everybody wants to track everything like its a shipment of gold.

    On USPS insurance: You are better off skipping it. If I had insured all of the packages I've shipped with USPS, I'd have paid enough to buy a brace of Suarez pistols. It only makes sense to insure things that are so expensive that you simply could not afford to replace them; that you could not financially recover. Otherwise, just self-insure. If you lose a package every decade or so, you'll still come out ahead.
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    Who knows why they do what they do. I recently ordered a non-gun related item (still about $200) that went from Florida to Phoenix AZ, sat there for over a week, then finally came to St. Louis.

    A few years back I sold a knife on a forum, before all the tracking was automated. About four hours away if I'd have driven it there myself. Told him I shipped and as sales sometimes go on forums, I never heard from the guy and figured all was well til a couple weeks later he asks where his knife is and heavily implied that I didn't ship it. I sent him a pic of the receipt and tracking said it had been sitting in his local PO the whole time. They delivered it the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henri View Post
    Very simple, any item of value, send next day air via Fedex/UPS. Easy.
    Point taken

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    I ended up trading gear with a guy who was about an hour away from me. (Ironic we found each other as we were on a national gun forum.) I shipped a box to him via USPS on Friday 1/6 at around noon and it was delivered to him at 1227 on Saturday.

    He shipped my item via FedEx on Saturday and it's still making it's way to me, due tomorrow. I'm in Indianapolis, he's just outside of Bloomington, IN. The package apparently needed to go to Memphis to the main hub for a detour, before coming to our Indianapolis hub.

    I also have made orders of custom T-shirts in the past and shipped them all over the state in USPS flat rate envelopes. It was pretty handy to know what my shipping cost was going to be and the fact that I could grab a bunch of flat rate envelopes or boxes and prep them at home and take them in to the kiosk overnight (with no wait) was pretty handy.

    If I was in business I'd look at other shipping options but they have always been pretty good to me. In fact, I've shipped enough crap over the years that they asked me to be a part of a mail study where all we had to do was download an app to the phone and scan the codes on all the mail that came in that day. (It apparently gets scanned on the other end so it tracks how long it takes to get to me.) They've given us some free postage (and a calendar!) for participating in the study. Maybe they like me enough that they won't lose my packages...LOL

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    Holy O Shirt boys, I just checked the USPS site and SHAZAM!!!! My package is in Phoenix! Now if they can just get it the remaining 100 miles north to Prescott without sending it to Palmer, AK, I'll be in business! I feel a lot better. Thanks for keeping me occupied..

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    Last order I did from Gabe went from Arizona to the east coast, back to St. Louis then finally here. I am sure there is a reason for it- but I am also sure it sucks
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