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Thread: USPS problems

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    In the middle of a fight with them right now over something my wife bought online. Shipped through FedEx, who dumped it on USPS, who dropped the ball in my hometown. Says delivered, but I watched the mail man pass by my house and just slowed down, didnt stop at my house. I frankly dont know why anyone still uses them for anything but letters... they barely get that right

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    Quote Originally Posted by drfubar View Post
    I sent a G-19 frame to Suarez last week on 1/4/17 so Gabe could do his wonderful work. It was supposed to be delivered to Prescott on Saturday. When I tracked it I saw it had just left Denver, Co... Really? From SE Tennessee, up to Denver and then 800+miles back to Prescott? Well for 3 days now it's been coming from Denver and the postal service contacted me saying it should get to AZ by Wednesday. My goodness, are they using pack mules for transports now? I'm glad i insured the package but this is a little frustrating for a person with little or no patients. If they lose my package this is going to be bad... Hope you have a spare frame Gabe!
    When I lived in Alice Springs, Australia a buddy of mine ordered some motorcycle parts from Sydney and paid for 10 day shipping.

    He was tracking the package and noticed that it got to the local post office in about 5 days.

    He was puzzled when it did not show up at his house the next day, so he called them. He was informed that since he paid for 10 day shipping it would be delivered on the 10th day.

    He asked if he could stop by the facility and pick it up. No. You paid for 10 day shipping, you get it in 10 days.

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    It's 1147 eastern and out for delivery in Prescott. I think it will finally make it. I need a drink
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