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    Interested to know if and if so, how your strategy would have differed faced with permanent survival, vs the circumstance of the show.

    I think the answer to your question can be found here:
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    Pict - watched every episode of the all seasons. So far, I'm batting 100% on my "picks" winning :) Congrats on persevering through that. This thread has been amazing. I know it was mentioned earlier, but something I have noticed (and it may be because of editing) is that some people seem to draw extraordinarily lucky picks for location, in terms of food availability - and those people seem to be some of the first to tap out. Definitely one of my favorite shows, and glad it isn't scripted.

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    I have read this whole thread and I am really impressed. I have yet to see any of the shows, but will now.

    The longest I have been in a survival situation was a week. This was while I was at Mountain Warfare School in the Corps. After going through a whole bunch of classes including rock climbing, several of us did a week long survival. Before the week on our time off we explored and fished. Very few people caught fish out there. There were a lot, they just were not taking the bait. One of the times I was exploring a lake I saw crayfish and so I started catching them hand over fist. When I went on the week long survival instead of trying to catch fish, I just went after crayfish and did pretty good. Weather wise we were pretty lucky. warm during the day and cold at night, but no rain. That was a long time ago and I have gotten very soft since then. At my current state I could not do what you did. Not sure I could what you did even when I was in my prime. Great job!

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