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    The laser mounted in the mag tube worked well except you loose a round so a 4+1 870 becomes a 3+1.

    It will not work if you wish to attach a sling using the threaded whole in the mag cap.

    Controls for the laser are next to the small hole in cap so you can turn the laser on an cover the hole with your finger until you need the laser for a accuracy.

    Weak point in all this is the on/off switch and difficulty mounting a sling if you so desire to.

    BTW, this has some potential to work well on a PGO as you could shot from the hip etc with accuracy.

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    I remember seeing one in old issues of Shotgun News, that replaced the barrel nut (of course that meant no mag extension). What I "liked" about that one was it was "clean" (nothing sticking out to get snagged). NO Idea how well it worked. I still want a sight that duplicates the shot spread pattern at different ranges
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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    How well do eotech types of sights work on shotguns? I did not put one on the ultimak gas tube rail on my ak 47 due to heat issues, but the receiver mount of a shotgun does not get terribly hot.
    I like EOTECH for the reticle, but man are those optics a giant tumor on top! I wish we could get RMR form factor (could be 10%-15% larger FOV) and EOTECH reticles.

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