Hey All, hope is well.

Hoping to get some classes up soon for 2017.

All my 2017 classes will include a UTM portion because I think shooting real people or around people is invaluable.

Depending on the interest, I have great venues for TASI, CQB and Night Vision classes to get those classes on the books if there is solid interest.

For sure, I will be doing a 3 Day vehicle Event, finalizing dates but most likely will be in Mid July or Late August.

In the works is potentially, can't promise but I know there is a lot of guys interested in the Leupold Optics Academy joint venture. Not for sure what it is going to look like but want to see what the interest is.

I have a new curriculum I am putting together for LE. It is a 3-day program and will be a combo of Live fire/UTM as well. It will focus around reactive shooting, learning the adversary and ambush avoidance. More to come on that.

I will also be looking at the training group for the NW soon as well. There is some stuff up in the air that hopefully will solidify in the next few weeks.

If anyone wants more info on the LE program, consider hosting Pistol Sparring (UTM based class) or Rifle Sparring (UTM based class- will have some opportunities to offer some free conversions for some class registrations which is a cool deal) on or look at hosting give me a shout.

Let me know in the comments what you would be interested in seeing on my 2017 schedule or PM if interested in hosting let's see what we can get worked out.

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