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    Hello everyone! My name is Chris Valenzuela (I go by VAL though) and I am SI's new Medical Instructor. I specialize in Tactical Medicine for use in the pre hospital setting. This type of medicine can be used by traditional first responders (Fire, EMS, LEO) as well as the new classification of first responders (ANYONE who is first on scene with the ability, training and knowledge to preserve life). This includes private citizens, armed law abiding citizens, security guards, John Q public. The importance of attaining medical knowledge and skills canít be overstated. In American with an Active shooter incident and terrorist attacks happening more and more frequently, It would behoove any responsible individual to seek this type of training. When professional help is 3 minutes away, a full grown adult can bleed out and die in that time short time frame. I Would like to bring my experience and skill set to the students of Suarez International. I am a current National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Affiliated Faculty member in California for the Tactical Combat Casualty Care series. In addition to that I am a Course coordinator and Instructor for NAEMT's Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Law Enforcement First Responder-Tactical Casualty Care and Bleeding Control courses. Besides the NAEMT national curriculum that I can teach from, I do have my own medical training program/course. I can adapt my training courses to meet the needs of anyone or any audience. I am extremely passionate about teaching and passing along this type of life saving material. I am also currently a staff Instructor for Covered6, ZERT, Phokus Research Group and now Suarez International. Have I mentioned I love teaching and that it's a passion of mine!? Please reach out if you are interested in medical courses and or have any medical questions, I will be more than happy to get you the information you seek or at least point you in the right direction.

    Instructor Val

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