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Thread: Galil Ace

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    It's cool... Not sure that it's $2K cool tho.
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    I tend to stick what ever weapons have a reasonable support network in the way of parts, magazines, ammo, and such readily available. The glock system and the 1911 for pistols have the best support.
    The AR15 based rifles have the best support for rifles. Most 7.62 AK parts are available. G3 and M14 based rifles are well supported. The newer .308 rifles I would likely go AR10 since I think there will likely be more parts available for them. The Galil will likely not be a best seller and I wonder about parts availability for it.
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    IWI has been very good to me (I also own a Tavor). Picked up the .308 Galil Ace way below retail and haven't seen one priced as low since. Great shooting rifle (better than my DPMS AR-10).

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    The plastic parts on the Galil Ace are a bitch to deal with, the cheek piece is hard take on and off and the three plastic rail covers aren't that smooth either. The stock is also hard to fold. There also questions as to whether a red dot or scope will retain zero once you remove the dust cover. Magazine insertions are also apparently different than a regular AK. I don't have any experience with AKs, but I do with Mini-14s and M1As. You have to angle the magazine just right to fit it in. Its not a simple rock back like the Mini-14s and M1As and apparently standard AKs. This negative review of the Ace talks about the magazine insertion issues. Here is a positive technical review of the rifle

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    I posted earlier in this thread on my rifle, now I have a few hundreds through, heres my thoughts....It is a very smooth shooting rifle, feels more like 223 than 762x39. I also agree the stock is pretty tight, and the top cover a real bitch to get back on after disassembly. As a lefty shooter, the controls are not as user friendly as a standard AK, and I'm still playing around with sling placement. I've run Chinese, bulgarian, and german mags and have had no issues.

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