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    Quote Originally Posted by Yondering View Post
    Bold below
    Thank you for the responses, I appreciate it.
    I take it since a flat back-strap eliminates the ability to use one of these, the 80% frames can't be used with one of these also?
    I looked at the pics carefully but there's no clear picture showing the mag well and/or if there is an opening there for the tab to fit into?
    I like the shape of the grip on those 80 % frames, it looks very close to a 1911 grip with a flat -spring housing and if so would be ideal for myself.
    I do not like the grip on a std glock 17, the curved back and the angle gives me a very poor grip otherwise I'd get a 17.
    The 19 doesn't feel anywhere near the same yet it seems almost the same as the 17 so I have no good reason to argue why I prefer the feel of the grip on one over the other.
    Perhaps it is simply using a 1911 and nothing else all these years has accustomed me to the grip on my 1911 and anything else feels unnatural.
    If that 80 % frame does work with the PDW then I'd likely do that, I'd prefer to not start cutting or modifying if I can avoid it.
    Something like this I'd prefer to have it as it was designed to go together but thats not always the situation.

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    I don't know about the 80% Glock frames; I don't intend to bother with them until they are available with steel slide rails front and rear.

    If the grip shape bothers you, try the gen4 stuff, with or without different backstraps. The endo can be modified to fit the gen4 without too much work.

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