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    Default Sig Airguns

    Sig is introducing a line of airguns. This isn't really FOF gear, but it's closer to airsoft than to assault rifles. As my training has progressed, the amount of ancillary training gear has reached proportions that my wife really doesn't understand. I have blue guns, a SIRT gun, airsoft pistols, rimfire pistols, rimfire rifles, training bolts and barrels, and now I've discovered this new pellet rifle.

    We here have used airsoft pistols for years, both for FOF training and to have a means of training in our homes and offices and other places where you can't shoot real guns. But airsoft rifles have always been sub-par. Rather than gas power, they rely upon electricity. They don't mimic recoil at all, and they lack the accuracy that would be appropriate to a rifle. These new Sig airguns seem to check many (but not all) of the boxes we are looking for. They mimic the basic size/shape. They have a functional thumb safety. I anticipate that the accuracy will be better than airsoft and therefore a better stand-in for the tasks that we would use a rifle for. These certainly wouldn't be safe enough for FOF. And they would present more of a hazard shooting indoors. But if you take the extra precautions, it would allow you to do some rifle work indoors. And you could run-and-gun through the backyard.

    These may be a workable solution for rifle training. More realistic than airsoft. Cheaper than UTM (and also not legally a "firearm").

    The Firearm Blog did a write-up here. The line-up from Sig is here.

    I don't plan to jump on these right away. If anyone here does, I'd love to here some opinions on them.
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    I looked at these in Sig's booth
    at the Indy NRA convention.

    The thing I really liked is that the
    pellets are "belt fed" in the magazine,
    so they will hopefully have reliable
    feed on semi or full.

    They feel like the real guns. I was
    looking strongly into getting one,
    even though I don't have an MPX.

    I wanted to test fire one in the air
    rifle range, but by the time I realized
    they were available for test fire, they
    had ran out of the CO2 cartridges.

    I also think they are pretty affordable.


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    Yeah Im interested. The price is RIGHT and it seems so is the quality. It looks like it would be a good "trainer" stand in for 9mm AR pistols.

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    Pretty cool, I wonder if they can be regulated to shoot a bit lighter for FoF?

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